Wear A Pink Shawl, Raise Awareness!

Did you know, early detection of cancer is very important to help beat it? Every year, breast cancer incidences increase by 1% to 5%. Each year, 1 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer and unfortunately, a woman passes away in every 11 minutes. Despite this saddening situation, breast cancer if detected early, can be cured by the rate of 98%.

As Modanisa, to light the way and raise awareness, we’re launching the “Wear A Pink Shawl, Raise Awareness” campaign throughout October. Even if we can only help 1 woman, it would be life changing for us all.

Would you like to
contribute to our cause?

Buy a PINK SHAWL and support Turkey MEVA Foundation (A Foundation That Fights Against Breast Cancer)*. Take a photo or shoot a video showing how YOU wear your pink shawl and share it on social media using hashtag #pinkyawareness. Nominate your friends to the challenge and raise awareness.

Buy a Pink Shawl

*A certain amount of the income from pink shawl purchases will be donated to the Turkey MEVA Foundation to raise awareness for breast cancer.

The most common type of cancer that women are diagnosed with, globally.
In all cancer statistics, 20-25 percent of diagnosed women have breast cancer.
One in every eight women are open to the risk of developing breast cancer.
Early detection is the best way to prevent breast cancer.
Early diagnosis is the best preventive method against breast cancer.
Early diagnosis, increases a person's chance of survival by up to 98 percent.
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