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What is MyModanisa?

MyModanisa is a world of benefits for Modanisa customers. Customers who register with MyModanisa can earn exclusive deals and surprise gifts.

How do I become a MyModanisa member?

To register with MyModanisa, simply click on the "MyModanisa" tab on your "My Account" page and fill out the membership form. If you do not have a Modanisa account yet, you must create one on the Modanisa mobile App.

What benefits does MyModanisa offer?

After registering with MyModanisa, you can take advantage of special offers and benefits, and earn extra points and gifts from your orders and activities. MyModanisa has Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. When you enroll in the program, you're assigned a Silver membership. As you earn points in the program, you reach higher levels. Thus, opening the door to more special benefits. 

How do I earn points on MyModanisa?

It's easy to earn points on MyModanisa! You can earn “Welcome Points” by registering to the program right now. As soon as you join, you start earning points and you can convert your points into gifts straight away.

- You earn points for every Modanisa purchase over 100 TL/€100/£100/$100. If you don't return your order after 21 days, your points will be approved and then you can spend them!

- You earn points for many activities such as leaving commenting your reviews on the products you buy.

- You can also earn more points on special days and campaigns! To find out how many points you will earn from your shop and activities, check the "MyModanisa - Redeemed Points" section on your "My Account" page

How do I spend the points I earn on MyModanisa?

MyModanisa's world of benefits consists of 3-month periods and offers various gift options each period. You can use the points you earn during each period to win a selection of gift options available for that specific time span.

- Period gifts consist of various benefits, from shopping vouchers to free shipping coupons that you can use on Modanisa and/or other brands. Each period's gift may be different and limited in count. You can check your "MyModanisa - Gift Selection" page so you don't miss out on any gifts.

- Gifts can have different point values. The more shopping and activities you do, the more points you collect, so you can earn gifts that are worth more.

- Points that you do not use during the time span will not be transferred to the next period and will therefore be cancelled. Your points are non-redeemable and cannot be transferred to another account.

How do I view my points on MyModanisa?

You can view your approved and pending points under 'Points History' on the 'Redeemed Points' page in the 'MyModanisa' tab located on your Modanisa 'My Account' page.

How do I level up on MyModanisa?

There are 3 different levels in MyModanisa; here are they: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Every customer who registers with MyModanisa enters the program at the Silver level.

By earning points through shopping and activities throughout the last 12 months; you can reach Gold level when you exceed 100 points and Platinum level when you exceed 200.

For 12 months starting from the date you qualify for one of the higher levels, you have the privilige to enjoy the benefits of that level!

Can I earn points for the purchases I made before registering with MyModanisa?

Only after registering with MyModanisa can you earn points for your Modanisa shopping and activities. You can not earn points by backdating.

How do I earn points for making reviews on MyModanisa?

You earn points by leaving comments on products(s) you purchase from

The points you earn from the comment(s) you have made will be reflected in your account within 48 hours once they are made public. You can check the points you earn on the Redeemed Points - Points History page.

How can I take advantage of the extra points benefits?

Gold level earn 1 bonus point for every 5 points earned at once and Platinum level earn 1 bonus point for every 3 points earned at once. Extra points earned by shopping points will be applied to the account after 21 days.

What are the MyModanisa term dates?

The MyModanisa program is currently structured in 3-month periods. 1st term “September - October - November”, 2nd term “December - January - February” 3rd term “March - April - May” 4th term “June - July - August”. Points approved in any 3-month period are only valid within that period. At the end of the period, unused points cannot be transferred to the next period, they are deleted within the same period.

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